Spurgeon’s College has the power in UK Law to grant taught academic awards up to and including Level 7 Master’s degrees and the power to authorise other institutions to grant degrees in its name. The Power to Award Degrees etc. (Spurgeon’s College) Order 2022 (legislation.gov.uk)

In the official report on the College’s application for Taught Degree Awarding Powers the Designated Quality Body (DQB) stated:

The College has in place, monitors and evaluates arrangements and resources which enable students to develop their academic, personal and professional potential. This is because its strategic approach to student development and achievement is to provide excellent and continually improving levels of education, formation and learning resources for all students.

Spurgeon’s validated programmes are designed to provide every student with a high-quality academic experience. In its report the DQB stated:

The College is able to design and deliver courses and qualifications that provide a high-quality academic experience to all students from all backgrounds, irrespective of their location, mode of study, academic subject, protected characteristics, previous educational background or nationality. This is because it has established effective processes for the design and development of programmes and is informed by the professional requirements of the BUGB … and its external examiners.

Every student starting on either our Foundation Year, BA in Theology (all pathways) or one of our Postgraduate Degree programmes will be on a Spurgeon’s validated degree programme. Higher Education (HE) in the UK is heavily regulated by Government and to become the first theological college to achieve the awarding and validating powers of a university is a remarkable achievement and testimony to the exceptional quality of education delivered by the College.

To ensure that students receive an outstanding HE academic experience, the DQB noted that ‘research and advanced scholarship are not treated separately but are rolled together.’ In fact, many of our tutors are frequently published experts in their field and are called upon to lecture across the world.  Examples of publications can be found under the individual profiles of our teaching staff.