Spurgeon’s College Commendation in Biblical languages

This course is for students who wish to learn biblical Greek and/or Hebrew outside the context of a degree course. Both languages can be studied via distance learning. The aim of the course is to give students a solid grounding in one or both of the biblical languages that will enable them to read biblical texts in their original language and access suitable resources to deepen their understanding of these texts.

Entry requirements: a score of 6.5 or over on the IELTS test for those who are not native English speakers.

Resources provided: Unit content available on Moodle, our virtual learning environment

Method of Study: Independent learning (distance learning)

Support: Online tutor for distance learning units

Cost for academic year 2022-23:

These units are taught at Level 4 (introductory)

Distance learning:

  • £325 for Basic Hebrew (10 credits)
  • £650 for New Testament Greek (20 credits)

You can find the programme specification here.