College Conference 2024

Thursday 13th June

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College Conference is both the name given to the association of former students of Spurgeon’s College and an actual conference which is held on the second Thursday in June each year.

Our incoming Conference President, Lisa Kerry, is the Regional Team Leader for the Central Baptist Association. Lisa’s chosen theme is ‘Baptist Ministers – Professionals in a Time of Crisis?’.

In a world of ever increasing polarisation and increasing mistrust of experts, the role of the professional in society has shifted. As Baptists we have always had a complex relationship with professionalism in ministry- but could our unique expression of professionalism as Baptists be what our fragmented society needs? This conference looks at how we might express our own accessible version of professionalism and how, as Baptists, our professional contribution is highlighted in the multi-disciplinary work places of the NHS and the RAF.

We are excited to welcome guest speakers Sarah Crane and Tim Welch, along with a video contribution from Alice McDermott. Worship will be led by Alan Kerry.

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Tickets are priced at £20 per person and include lunch and refreshments. The main sessions will be held in the Chapel with refreshments served in the main building. We also hope the weather will allow us to enjoy the gardens at lunch and break times.

Attendance at College Conference is by invitation only. If you’re a member of Conference and have not received your invitation then do contact us directly.

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