Study from home with our CTI resource packs!

The Church Training Initiative provides practical Resource Packs for churches and individuals in order to develop skills and insights useful in church settings. There is a good variety of material written by established practitioners and we have just released four new Packs for 2022. Each Pack has its own style, depending on the nature of the subject it addresses, but the material is practical rather than academic in character.  Each Resource Pack will require about 6 hours work.

All you need to do is click on the link to the Spurgeon’s Shop and purchase your first pack. You will also need to complete the application form at the bottom of this page so that we can register you on our systems. You will need to have submitted this form before we can process any assignments for you. The Resource Pack content will be available immediately via email.

Spurgeon’s College Church Training Commendation

On successful completion of at least 5 Resource Packs the award of the “Spurgeon’s College Church Training Commendation” will be made.

This will be awarded at:

level 1: on completion of 5 Resource Packs
level 2: on completion of 10 Resource Packs
level 3: on completion of 15 Resource Packs

To qualify for the commendation the student will need to complete one short piece of work per Resource Pack. This will be in the region of 250 words but may take various forms, e.g., multiple choice questions; questionnaire; writing a paragraph/ letter/ order of service/ brief mission plan etc (depending on the nature of each Resource Pack).

You do not need to work towards a commendation, neither is there any expectation that you will take more than one Pack at a time.

Group/Church Discounts

A special discount will be offered for groups of people from one Church who enrol together and work for a Commendation. There will be a 5% discount for five enrolments; 10% discount for ten enrolments; 20% discount for twenty enrolments or more. To access these discounts you will need to contact the CTI Administrator.

Where one registered user wishes to download material for group use within a church setting we would ask churches to make a donation to the College for the distribution of our materials.  “Unregistered users” will not be able to work for a Commendation by submitting work to Assessors.

Available Resource Packs