Thank you for considering the College’s new online Equipped for Digital Ministry Course

Equipped for Digital Ministry has been specifically designed for Christians who recognise the impact of the Digital Age on communication, engagement, worship and discipleship within the Church and want to understand how they can be better equipped for ministry in a digital age. The EfDM course explores the missional importance of digitality alongside the ethical and technological dilemmas of engaging digitally. It focuses on the theological implications of digitality in terms of inclusion – especially of those often excluded from the contemporary building-focused Church in terms of disability, long-term health conditions, mental health, poverty and race.

Students who enrol on this course will have the opportunity to explore our contemporary digital culture – how it effects our communications and teaching and social world. You will have the opportunity to look at the potential for digital to open up church for lots of new people on online platforms. Students who take this course will be taught by Spurgeon’s staff who are experts in digitality and by communication experts and church online pastors from across the world.

This course will be taught online. Each module is both theoretically and practically orientated with the purpose of equipping the students for ministry in a digital age. The course has six modules and each of those modules consists of six lessons made up of reflective questions, short videos, and two brief practical assignments.  

Module 1
Ministry in a Digital Culture

This module explores the impact of the Digital Age on communication, engagement, worship and discipleship within the Church.
Module 2
Digital Church: Communications

This module explores communications within the national and local church, including the use of different tools for specific tasks. How do we establish a comms policy for our church?
Module 3
Media Streams

How do we handle communications across different forms of media? In this module, we explore the affordances of different media and how we can make the most of each.
Module 4
Inclusion and Ethics

This module explores one of the core aspects of digital engagement – including more people. But we also need to think of digital exclusion, safeguarding and appropriate engagement online.
Module 5
Digital Church in Practice

This module explores the ideal – bringing together online and onsite into one congregation. But we need to look at whether the tech is there yet. How do we develop online church in the meantime?
Module 6
Digital Futures

This module pushes us into the future to explore some of the upcoming developments in online church – not least the development of online communion, the metaverse, off-grid church, and asynchronous worship experiences.

By the end of the course, you will have a better understanding of how digital can transform the evangelistic ministry of your church and how you can reach out to new people through new technology. Moreover, you will have created new mission policies for your church and prepared the way to make use of digital technology aware of some of its downsides as well as all the positives. Each unit can be taken on it’s own or you can enrol for all 6 units. Upon successful completion of each unit, you will receive a certificate.

Course Tutors

The course is taught by Spurgeon’s digital theology tutors Dr Pete Phillips and Dr Jonas Kurlberg, with contributions from leading practitioners and online pastors from across the world.


For general questions about the course please email:

How much does it cost?

Each module of Equipped for Digital Ministry costs £92, and you book in and pay for each module as it comes around. Course participants are encouraged to approach their local churches and their Baptist Associations for financial assistance.

How do I apply?

You can apply by completing an online application form found HERE