Tutor in Theology


Terry studied for a BA in Theology at King’s College London during the 1990s and began a part-time PhD programme at Spurgeon’s in late 2002, successfully defending his thesis in early 2009. Since then, he has maintained links with the College, tutoring many of its online/distance learning units in Theology, Biblical Studies, and History. In 2023, he was appointed Tutor in Theology (Foundation Year). See here for an almost-complete list of Terry’s publications, which should give you an idea of his research interests.

Spurgeon’s is not Terry’s only playing field. He is a self-employed academic proofreader and indexer, has taught or marked for other organisations and institutions (St Mellitus College Diocese of Rochester, DNA discipleship training), and is secretary for the Grove Doctrine editorial group. Outside of academia, Terry worships as a member of the Church of England in south-east London, where he is part of his church’s worship and preaching team, as well as PCC Secretary. Despite his being Anglican by conviction, he has plenty of cross-denominational experience: he came to faith in a Brethren-influenced independent evangelical church, worshipped in a Vineyard church during his undergraduate years, and worked as an office administrator in the Methodist Church of Great Britain’s Connexional Team. His Baptist experiences come, of course, via Spurgeon’s.

Terry is married to Ruth, and they have a teenage son together. He (Terry, not his son) is neither embarrassed by his 1980s childhood nor ashamed of supporting Uniteds Manchester and Peterborough (and Bromley FC). It is possible he spends too much time playing a well-known football computer game.