Human Resources Governor

Neil’s background and work experience has predominantly been in personnel/HR within a range of settings – starting in Local Government, and then mainly in the voluntary sector; the last 20 years of his employment being with the YMCA where he provided services for some 600 staff and over 100 volunteers.

Neil grew up and remains in his church – Perry Rise Baptist Church – where he’s undertaken many roles including soup run, youth leadership, Deacon, Elder and Trustee. As his church is relatively close to Spurgeon’s College, over the years they have had students and tutors preaching/leading services and a number of students having placement experience with them. Within the Baptist family, he’s also a Trustee for London Baptists (revised title for the London Baptist Association.)

Neil is committed to good and effective governance of charities (at time of writing being Trustee of five, including another higher education college), and seeks to support Spurgeon’s College through the current period of development and change whilst maintaining and continuously improving services provided to current students. In his charity involvement, Neil wants to make a difference for the good of people both working (paid and unpaid) and those receiving services in the community. Outside church and trustee responsibilities, he and his wife enjoy travel, musical theatre, and helping look after their five young grandchildren.