Taught MTh Course

MTh pathways in Advanced Christian Studies and Biblical and Theological Studies

These pathways are designed for graduates in theology who wish to pursue their studies in more depth. They follow a traditional pattern of attendance at college for seminars once or twice a week, followed by dissertation. The pathways are validated by The University of Manchester.

Specialist pathway: Biblical and Theological Studies (BTS)

This pathway allows you to focus in depth on key elements of biblical interpretation and themes in classic and contemporary Christian theology.


Both pathways have two parts: Part one comprises five taught units and part two is a dissertation of 15,000 words. You can choose to study either full-time or part-time. Full-time students study the taught units over one year and can do their dissertation over the summer or over the following year. Part-time students study the taught units over two years and normally take one year to complete their dissertation although they make take up to two years.


Students are assessed in a variety of ways such as essays and projects totalling up to 8000 words per unit. The two compulsory units are taught at the beginning and the end of the course: the first lays a foundation through exploring Theological Enquiry and Interpretation while the second, Theological Research, forms a preparation for the dissertation. The second unit is assessed by a dissertation proposal. The only examinations are for the optional units on the biblical languages Hebrew and Greek.


The second part of the course consists of a dissertation of not more than 15,000 words; students must complete the first part of the course before proceding to the dissertation. The dissertation is expected to provide evidence of a person’s analytical, evaluative and creative abilities. The dissertation will be on a topic of your choice which builds on your study from Part One.

Entry Requirements for both pathways

Exit qualifications

Students who complete 60 credits can obtain a Postgraduate Certificate; students who complete Part One (120 credits) can receive a Postgraduate Diploma without attempting the dissertation (Part Two).

Fore more details see the programme specification.