Counselling CourseRequirementApply Now
Introduction to CounsellingNo requirementsAdmission closed for 2022/23
Certificate in Counselling Skills (Level 2)Two references and an interviewApply Here

The Equal Consideration Date for applications is 15 April.
Certificate in Counselling Studies (Level 3)Completed Level 2 and two references and an interviewJanuary 2024 intake:

Applications will open on 1st September 2023.
Diploma in Therapeutic CounsellingCompleted Level 2 and Level 3 as well as:

- Ability to identify reasons for training beyond
personal development
- Academically and emotionally able to cope
with this level of training
- Ability to work with difference and diversity
- Possess personal qualities of imagination,
intuition, openness and an ability to benefit
from self-development
- Ability to form a therapeutic relationship
- Showing self-awareness, insight, honesty and
the ability to make links
- Emotional stability and the absence of
personality disturbance
- Ability to challenge and be challenged
- Ability to respond sensitively and emphatically
to others
- Capability to begin to work with clients in an
Agency setting
- Show intention of and will actively seek to
begin work with clients in year 1 of the course
Apply Here

The Equal Consideration Date for applications is 15 April.
The Professional Certificate in Pastoral SupervisonRelevant experienceApplication for November 2023 will be available soon.