Co-Director of the Counselling Department


Mobile: 07425 822310

I believe that learning should be enjoyable, engaging, challenging and experiential. We learn so much more by doing, feeling and experiencing and my teaching style reflects this!

I love to learn! I am perhaps, the perpetual student! I have always had an interest in psychology; especially in how religion, behaviour and mental health interact. This was the subject for both my Degree and Master’s Degree, and will continue to be the focus as I complete my Doctoral research. Thus, when I was offered the opportunity to work at Spurgeon’s College with their Christian ethos and strong emphasis on educational self-actualisation – how could I resist?!

My journey into counselling began, as many do, with my own experience as a client. I felt that incredible feeling of being truly held and of being heard and profoundly understood. Although I am fortunate to be loved and supported by my family and friends, I could feel that this was different. There was no expectation of me to do anything – I could just be.

I now have my finger in many pies! I am a Mum of four lovely children, which is perhaps the most important role for me! Additionally, I have a busy private practice and a co-owned CPD counselling training company specialising in Walk and Talk Therapy. I teach counselling students both in Kent and in London; and I am currently a PhD student at the University of Kent. Each role compliments the other, and I feel really blessed to be able to come alongside so many fantastic people in my day to day life.

What we learn with pleasure we never forget!