B.A. M.Div. D.Min.

Tutor in Theology

Email: b.armacost@spurgeons.ac.uk

Ben Armacost and his wife Judy are residents of West Norwood in South London. Ben was raised on a dairy farm in Maryland, and as a young teenager, he asked Jesus to be his Lord and Saviour. One year later he sensed God’s call to the ministry.

In 1980, Ben attended Messiah College where he received his B.A. in Christian Education. After graduating, he and his wife served as volunteers in Zaire (now DRC) for a year to assist missionaries in various roles. Ben’s most significant contribution was the construction of an MAF airstrip to provide transportation to a remote mission station.

He received his Master of Divinity degree from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary in 1990. They moved to Brattleboro, Vermont to plant a church and served as its pastor. In 1995, they were appointed to Australia with the International Mission Board and served in Tasmania. Working under the Baptist Union of Tasmania, they planted churches and provided leadership in the denomination.  Ben began studying the phenomenon of church planting movements in 1998 and began employing these principles in Tasmania. Ben & Judy were trained as Strategy Coordinators in Singapore in 2006. Inspired by the extraordinary success of T4T, and wondering if such a method would work in Australia’s secular milieu, Ben began to develop low-cost, high-accountability methods of making disciples, developing leaders, and starting churches.

In May 2010, Ben received his Doctor of Ministry degree from Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary. In 2013, the Armacosts concluded their 18-year tenure in Tasmania and moved to London. By the time of their transition, their influence had resulted in over 100 new groups and churches in 7 countries. Ben has served in training and catalytic roles throughout Europe and has an extensive network. In 2020, he founded 24:14 Europe and continues to serve as coordinator (2414europe.net).

Ben enjoys numerous hobbies including writing, photography, astronomy, Linux and LaTeX computing, electronics, and beekeeping. The Armacosts have 3 grown children and 8 grandchildren.


Raising Up Strategy Partners for Australia (D.Min. Dissertation), 2009.

Bridge to the Beautiful City (narrative of the “bridge” gospel illustration). Westbow Press, 2014.

Challenged to Pray (devotional prayer guide), 2017.