Many of our students are training specifically for Baptist ministry and the following information applies only to those who are following this calling.  Further details can be found on the Baptist Union of Great Britain website under Exploring a Call. The Baptist Union also has a variety of Guidelines for support of ministers


Baptist ministry: what we offer

  • All candidates pursuing accreditation as a Baptist Union minister cover a wide range of aspects of mission and ministry in their training, with the possibility of taking special options in evangelism or pioneer ministry.
  • Baptist ministerial training takes three years full-time or six years part-time. 
  • At BA (undergraduate) level, there are two different tracks for ministerial training: Church-Based and College-Based .
  • Offers of places for the Church-Based track are conditional on a suitable placement being found. If no suitable placement is found, the College may defer your place for a year, or you may wish to start on the College-Based track.
  • If you have already gained a good degree in Theology at undergraduate level, you may be able to take the MTh pathway in Advanced Christian Studies (link to MTh in Advanced Christian Studies) incorporating ministerial training.
  • If you do not wish to study for another degree but have the minimum Baptist Union requirement of a Higher Education Diploma in Theology, the Spurgeon’s Diploma in Ministerial Formation builds on your previous qualification and fills in any gaps in your studies.


Baptist ministry: steps to take

Please note that in order to begin the ministerial recognition process, you need to have been a member of a Baptist church for the past two years.

1. If you are feeling called to Baptist ministry, discuss your plans with your own minister. If your church is without a minister, talk to your church leaders.  These people can help you discern God’s will and calling.  The leaders and congregation of your church will test your calling and the church meeting will commend you to your local association..

2. Contact one of your Regional Ministers for an informal chat.  If you do not know them, we can point you in the right direction.

3. Your Regional Minister will send you the application form and arrange for you to attend a Ministerial Recognition Committee Interview (MRC). The aim is to affirm you in your calling within the wider Baptist family.  The Regional Minister will guide you through the MRC process.

5. Once the MRC has affirmed your calling, the College will be notified and copies of your application paperwork will be forwarded to us. You will then be invited to attend an interview day. An interview panel will consider whether Spurgeon’s is the right place for you to study. Partners are warmly welcome to accompany you and be involved in the process. 


How to apply

Please follow the steps outlined above. However, you can let us know of your interest at any time. Candidates who have not yet been begun the process for Baptist Accreditation but who wish to start studying in College full-time should complete an application form via UCAS; if you prefer to study part time please apply here.


Not so sure?

Applying for ministerial training is a big decision. 

The Head of Admissions and Placements and Dean of Ministerial Formation and Development will be happy to help you explore your calling. We recommend attending an Open Day or Open Evening or making an appointment to meet with one of the team.


Conditions for entry 

Refer to our entry requirements for more information.