Re-Emerging Church: Strategies for reaching a returning generation by Roger Standing



When people return to church for the first time in years, are congregations ready to welcome them?  One of hte largest generational groups ever, the ‘Baby Boomers’, are now approaching retirement, when questions of spirituality, life and death often resurface.  This was the last generation for whom ‘Sunday school’ was a normal part of childhood – so reconnecting with church may be tinged with nostalgia.  At the same time, Baby Boomers grew up in an era of unprecedented personal choice and increasingly sophisticated consumer attitudes, so how can churches help them feel at home while still engaging them with a clear gospel message?

This book discusses how congregations and leaders alike can be prepared for reaching out to those rediscovering Christianity, or at least giving church a try again.  It raises relevant pastoral issues, illustrated by fictional case studies, as well as exploring what Christians can do to ensure that their worship – and their church life in general – is a place where new shoots of faith can grow.

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