Venue:            Spurgeon’s College and Online
Dates:              2nd – 4th September 2021
Length:           3 Day Intensive Teaching Block
                                    Thursday 2nd September: Digital Culture and the Mission of God
                                    Friday 3rd September: Doing Church Comms Well
                                    Saturday 4th September: Christians Using Tech Wisely
Cost:                Onsite engagement: £120 per day, or 3 days for £340 (inc. lunch & refreshments)
                        Online engagement: £100 per day, or 3 days for £300

MediaLit offers an introduction to Digital Engagement within Christian ministry, both lay and ordained. During the three day conference, we’ll explore the impact that digital culture has had on the world, on the church and on our theology. We’ll look at hybrid church and church online and explore how everything changes, and stays the same, when we minister in an online setting. From there, we’ll invite in practitioners in Church Comms and learn from them how to communicate our faith online through social media and websites; how to deal with crisis comms; and how to write material for websites, blogs and social media – perhaps even for media interviews. On day three, we’ll shift to looking at how we make the most of inclusion in the digital age, of how hybrid offers a space for both online and onsite worship and how we explore the wise use of technology within Christian settings.

This programme builds on a decade of Medialit programmes run by the Centre for Digital Theology now resident at Spurgeon’s College. We’ll be seeking to offer the course both for those resident in and around Spurgeon’s who can get there easily and also online for those further afield for whom travel would be too costly in terms of money or the environment. Accommodation is available in local hotels at a relatively modest rate. Evening activities and conversations will be arranged.

MediaLit is a great preparation for Spurgeon’s College’s new digital courses: Equipped for Digital and the MA in Digital Theology.

You may book any combination of the days. Each day of teaching can be standalone or combined with any of the others.

Provisional Programme:
Day 1Day 2Day 3
Digital Culture and the Mission of GodDoing Church Comms WellChristians Using Tech Wisely
The Digital Revolution 1Digital NewsHybrid Church
The Digital Revolution 2Comms in the Digital Church 1Everyone Welcome
Social Media and TechnologyComms in the Digital Church 2Doing Digital Well
Thinking Theologically about Tech 1Crisis Comms! 1Ethical Digitality 2
Thinking Ethically about Tech 2Crisis Comms! 2Ethical Digitality 2
The Bible and TechReligion Media Centre(s)Acting Justly, Tweeting Wisely
Plenary and PrayerPlenary and PrayerPlenary and Prayer
Evening Programme (onsite only)Evening Programme (onsite only)Evening Programme (onsite only)
Preparatory Reading:

Digital Culture is everywhere. Whereas once it was limited to computers, digital pervades everything about contemporary life. It is increasingly embedded, embodied and everyday. In this course, we take a look at the importance of digital culture for the mission of the Church and for our own personal and corporate discipleship. How do we use digital tools and devices in the service of the kingdom of God and to enable us to take part in God’s mission to our contemporary world?

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