How much work will I need to do each week?

For each course there is a Learning Review to write weekly, feedback sheets to write up, the next week’s material to be read in advance and some additional reading. There is also the occasional essay. Each piece of written work has to be assessed by the student and matched with a set of criteria set by the validating body before being submitted for marking.

How much time will I need outside the class?

For the Counselling Skills course you will need a minimum of 4 hours per week. For the Counselling Studies course you will need a minimum of 6 hours. For the Diploma course you will need a minimum of a day and a half.

What help will I get whilst I am on the course?

The written work is marked and usually returned weekly, so that you can see from the outset if you have understood what is required and whether you are meeting the criteria correctly. Moreover, each student is assigned a personal tutor who will conduct brief individual tutorials with students throughout the course.

Will I have to buy lots of books?

No, but there are one or two key texts that we would suggest that you purchase as they will be crucial to your learning. We do have a large College library which has a range of books on Counselling, Psychotherapy and Pastoral Care and more and more books are becoming available as e-books which means that they can be accessed from home by a number of people at the same time.

What size will the class be?

We would take up to a maximum of 20 students on the Counselling Skills course and up to a maximum of 16 on both the Counselling Studies course and the Diploma courses.

What is the succcess rate?

99.5% of our students pass the courses. Those who successfully complete the diploma course will be invited to celebrate their acheivement at our annual graduation ceremony.

Do many students drop out?

No, we have an exceptionally good retention rate.

What is included in the Course fees?

The fee paid is a composite fee which includes the cost of the Course Guide, registration with the validating body, tutorial fees and maintenance costs at College, e.g. the use of the library and heating and lighting. The five Saturdays per year are also included in the fee.

What additional costs are there?

You will have to pay for lunches and light refreshments when you attend Spurgeon’s College but there is a range of hot and cold food, drinks and snacks on offer at very reasonable prices.

It is mandatory at Diploma level to have personal Counselling and a Placement including Supervision. You will have to pay for your personal Counselling and many students also have to pay for their Supervision if it is not provided free as part of their Placement.

Can I get Government funding or a loan for the Course?

No, because Spurgeon’s is an independent College unfortunately, funding is not available.

Can I pay in instalments?

Yes, but you need to refer to the College’s tuition fee policy and to negotiate payment with the finance officer. You need to be aware that the full fees have to have been paid for each course before you will be allowed to progress to the next course or be awarded the qualification.

Do I have to find my own Placement?

It is the student’s responsibility to find their own Placement. However, support is available in the form of a Placement Folder which has details of many of the Placements where previous students have been. Tutors are also willing to support by writing references.

Will I need to disclose things about me personally in the class?

Yes, many of the skills sessions on the courses will involve you bringing your personal material but we ask you to take responsibility for what you share and to be mindful of the needs, in terms of competence, of other learners as well.

Will coming on a Counselling course change me?

The evidence is that because the courses are participatory and experiential and we place a high value on self-awareness, people are often impacted by them and it is highly likely that personal growth and change will occur.

Who will be teaching me?

Meet our counselling tutors here!