Public exhibition 

Last year (June 2020) we hosted a virtual public consultation to share our design proposals for the careful development of our campus on South Norwood Hill. We are grateful to our community and wider stakeholder groups for taking the time to engage with our plans for the future and sharing such valuable insights and opinions.

At Spurgeon’s College, we have been working closely with our professional advisors and consultants to incorporate as much of the feedback we received during our first consultation, as well as feedback from engagement with London Borough of Croydon Planning Officers and their stakeholders, as possible into the proposals. We are now excited to share the updated proposals which can be viewed below.

The updates to our proposals include: 

  1. Number of homes. There has been a significant reduction in the overall number of proposed new homes from nearly 200 to around 120.  
  2. Height & massing. The new proposals show a considerable reduction in overall height and massing across the proposed development as well as the removal from Block C from the proposals. 
  3. Woodland & trees. The updated proposals also include woodland enhancement and a pedestrianised and landscaped boulevard, creating shared amenity space for the new homes and the College, which we are exploring making available to local community groups. Importantly the Principal’s house has been removed entirely from this location.
  4. Softening some of the architecture. There have been changes to the layout of the new homes within the Blocks to ensure high quality homes, as well as changes in the elevational and façade detailing to improve the relationship with the existing College Buildings and improve the overall aesthetics. 
  5. Relocated car park. The majority of the proposed car parking has been relocated to be below the residential buildings to have less of an impact on the overall site. 

The proposals are available to view on this webpage until 30th July 2021. Please use the online response form to submit your opinions on the new development by this date.

Please use the online response form to share your opinions on the new development.