Spurgeon’s College Commendation in Ministry

Spurgeon’s College Commendation in Ministry is open to students who have completed a degree or diploma in Theology as well as a programme of ministerial formation to diploma level but are required to do specific additional units for Baptist Union accreditation, or wish to do additional units for their own development.  Students may take any or all of the following units as agreed with the Director of Ministerial Formation and Training:

Level 4:

Professional Ministry and Practice 1a (20 credits), 1b (10 credits), 1c (10 credits)

Level 5:

Professional Ministry and Practice 2a (20 credits), 2b (10 credits), 2c (10 credits)

Baptist History and Principles (10 credits, via Distance Learning)

Leadership and Teamwork (10 credits, via Distance Learning)

Level 6:

Professional Ministry and Practice 3a (20 credits), 3b (10 credits), 3c (10 credits)

Chaplaincy (10 or 20 credits)

Entry requirements: a degree or diploma in theology, including or in addition to a programme of ministerial formation to diploma level, and score of 6.5 or over on the IELTS test for those who are not native English speakers.

Resources provided: Unit content available on Moodle, our virtual learning environment

Method of Study: Independent learning (distance learning), class room learning (taught)

Support: Online tutor for distance learning units, unit tutor for taught units

Cost for academic year 2020-21:

  • Distance learning: £325
  • Professional Ministry and Practice: £665 + £1093 = £1758
  • Chaplaincy (10 credits): £665
  • Chaplaincy (20 credits): £1330

You can find the programme specification here.

Please contact the Admissions Department for information on how to apply.