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Why support us?

You may have benefitted from the ministry of someone who trained at Spurgeon's College. Or you may have trained here yourself. You may share our commitment to providing excellent leaders to work in in this country and overseas, in Baptist churches, in wider Christian mission and in churches of other denominations.

As a Christian theological College we believe it is important to keep our fees as low as possible, but we receive no Government funding to help us. A large proportion of our students are candidates for ordination to the Baptist ministry within the Baptist Union of Great Britain where they will serve as evangelists, pastors and pioneer ministers. Many of these are coming to us from other careers and are not eligible for student loans as they already have a degree in another subject. They may have families to support while they are studying. Some come from small churches who cannot offer any help at all with fees or living expenses. We also welcome students from overseas and, unlike most UK universities, we don't charge them higher fees. We also believe that studying with us could be a life-changing experience and we want to widen access to students who would benefit from an excellent theological education in this very special environment.

We also want to keep our fees as low as possible for our lay training: Equipped to Minister, Churches Training Initiative and our accredited counselling courses.

And don't forget our online training which allows students to access our courses from every continent. Just imagine what that means for spreading the Gospel throughout the world.

Here's just a sample of what your support will help us to do:

  • keep our fees down for all students
  • give financial support to ministerial students and students in hardship through our bursaries
  • enhance our educational standards through the provision of extra facilities, services and equipment
  • provide decent accommodation for students who live in
  • keep our buildings safe and secure for all those who study or work in them
  • widen access to our courses for students in College and online

Give with confidence

You can support us with confidence knowing that we will:

  • treat all our donors with respect and confidentiality
  • ensure our communications with you are honest and transparent
  • respect your right to privacy and your right to anonymity where requested
  • handle your gift responsibly and accurately
  • use your gift for the area of work to which it was donated
  • acknowledge your gifts and answer your queries promptly
  • maintain the highest professional standards at all times

We publish a summary of our Accounts in Off the Record every year, or you can download a copy of latest Annual Report.

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