Pieter Lalleman BA BD MA PhD

Tutor in Biblical Studies

email: p.lalleman@spurgeons.ac.uk

recent publications
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  • Critical Companion to the Bible. A  Literary Reference
  • With Martin H. Manser, David Barratt and Julius Steinberg (Library of World Literature; New York: Facts on File, 2009)
  • Editor, Challenging to change: dialogues with a radical baptist theologian. Essays presented to Dr Nigel G. Wright on his sixtieth birthday
    (London: Spurgeon’s College, 2009)
  • Editor (with Peter J. Morden and Anthony R. Cross), Grounded in Grace. Essays to Honour Ian M. Randall
    (London: Spurgeon’s College / Didcot: The Baptist Historical Society, 2013)
  • Ten chapters in Rob van Houwelingen en Reinier Sonneveld (eds), Ongemakkelijke teksten van de apostelen (Amsterdam: Buijten en Schipperheijn, 2013) 
  • The Lion and the Lamb. Studies on the Book of Revelation (London: Faithbuilders, 2016) 
  • Het Oude Testament: van blijvend belang! Over het tegoed van het Oude Testament (Amsterdam: Ark Media, 2016)

Pieter Lalleman has been a member of the teaching staff since 2000 as tutor in New Testament Studies; from 2015 he is tutor in Biblical Studies.

Pieter [pronounced Peter] is Dutch and he is a graduate of Utrecht University, the Dutch Baptist Seminary and Groningen University (PhD).  He is an ordained Baptist minister.

His areas of interest include backgrounds to the Bible, the use of the Old Testament in the New, apocryphal books and biblical archaeology.  He loves teaching Introduction to the Bible, John, Acts and Revelation, as well as teaching and preaching in local churches.  Pieter has supervised a PhD and would be happy to supervise doctoral studies in the areas of backgrounds to the Bible, Luke-Acts and the Johannine literature.  You can see that he tends to avoid Paul…

Most of Pieter’s publications have been in Dutch, such as a full commentary on the Johannine Epistles (2005, three reprintings) and several things on Revelation.  Nowadays he mainly turns out popular essays on Bible backgrounds and archaeology, as well as numerous book reviews in Dutch and English, e.g. for the Baptist Times, the online newspaper of the Baptist Union.  He is currently on 270 book reviews and counting…

His love for administrative work comes out in the fact that he is the Editor of the European Journal of Theology (EJT), whereas for the College he has edited two books: Challenging to change: dialogues with a radical Baptist theologian. Essays presented to Dr Nigel G. Wright on his sixtieth birthday (2009) and Grounded in Grace. Essays to Honour Ian M. Randall (2013).

Pieter’s main hobby is classical music, as you will notice when entering his office.  In addition he enjoys modern public transport, history and sudokus.  And he likes to go shopping with his wife Hetty, our tutor in Old Testament studies!

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