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No matter where you are living or working, you can study online with Spurgeon's College at a time and pace that suits you best.

You can choose to begin with just a single unit or you can sign up for an Award, Certificate, Diploma or Degree. The process of registering, paying for units, studying and submitting assignments is easy and straightforward... because everything is done online!

If you would like to register your interest in beginning an online learning programme please enter your details here. Our Admissions Registrar will be in contact with you as soon as possible and you will be able to begin your studies once we have registered you on our online learning platform.

university of manchester logo The Online programme is part of the BA in Theology programme validated by The University of Manchester.


Studying with Spurgeon's Online means that you are in charge. You take responsibility for what you learn, when you learn and at what speed you learn. There are time limits but you are not tied to academic years and you can start your course whenever it suits you. If you are not certain you want to undertake a period of extended study, Online Learning is a useful way to gauge your capabilities because you can purchase one unit at a time.

You are not left on your own! Your progress will be monitored and your assignments will be marked. Your unit tutor and the Spurgeon's Online team are on hand to give you advice and to deal with any queries.  You don't need to attend the College and there are no compulsory written examinations!

The course units cover the entire field of theology: Old Testament, New Testament, Church History, Doctrine, Mission, Spirituality and Practical Theology.

Study Skills Unit

This is a pre-Certificate unit, which introduces you to the study skills that you need to succeed in any University validated course. Students who have not previously studied at Higher Education level find this provides a useful introduction to the art of study. It is based around the New Testament.

Spurgeon's Award in Christian Studies

On successful completion of just six units at level 4 (Certificate level) we can award you with the Spurgeon’s Award in Christian Studies.  This is not a University validated qualification but you receive a Certificate and you are invited to attend our College graduation ceremony.

Certificate in Theology (level 4)

This is where you set out on the undergraduate programme.  You will need to gain 120 credits in order to be awarded a Certificate in Theology.

On successful completion of Level 4, you will have:

  • acquired a foundation for your study of theology
  • started to examine critically primary and secondary sources
  • started to implement good practice in essay-writing
  • started to develop group work skills and confidence in formulating arguments orally

 and you will be able to:

  • describe, analyse and interpret the basic concepts and principles of Christian theology and the contexts in which it is practised
  • exercise basic skills in Christian service in an informed, appropriate and credible manner

Diploma in Theology (level 5)

The next stage is to complete another 120 credits (usually twelve more units) at Diploma level.  These units are a little more demanding than the Certificate units and intend to develop your skills and learning abilities.  On completion of 240 credits, you can either exit with a Diploma or progress to Degree level units.  For the Diploma course, the University allows you six years in total.

Degree in Theology (level 6)

In order to obtain the BA (Honours) in Theology you need to gain a further 120 credits at level 6.  We encourage students to become confident, independent learners.  At this level the study material is deliberately challenging. Dedicated tutors provide online support and mark assessed work.  The University of Manchester allows you a maximum of nine years to complete the Degree (including Levels 4 and 5).


All units are both academically credible and practically focused. We are interested in developing you and your skills, not just in imparting information. At each level the units include biblical, doctrinal, practical, vocational and mission subjects. At level 6 students can choose to write a 40-credit dissertation.

Follow this link to see full details of the units available at each level.

Who? Me?

If you want to, you can do it! Students who successfully complete our Online courses vary considerably in terms of their life experience, denominational allegiance, cultural background and academic profile.

With the patient support of our online tutors, many complete the course for which they enrol and are delighted with their achievement. Some students study alone; others form study groups within their neighbourhood or churches. We will give you as much support as we can.


You pay a University registration fee plus a fee per unit to Spurgeon’s College.  Currently most units cost just £155 each, and the Study Skills Unit is a bargain at only £35.  In addition there is an annual University registration fee which is payable to the University (though this does not apply to the Study Skills unit or the internal Spurgeon’s College award programme).


Online learning is ideal because of its flexibility and it is often the starting place for people who then access other forms of training. However, if you are wanting to apply for accredited Baptist Union ministerial training please follow this link for more details about that process:

or more details contact Debra Reid (Director of Online Learning) or  our Online Learning Administrator at the college.

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