Podcasts and Videos

Worship Hour

Roger Carswell preaching on 21 April 2015

Dr Hetty Lalleman preaching on 14 April 2015

Revd Doug Williams preaching on 24 March 2015

Dr Joshua Searle preaching on 17 March 2015

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Postgraduate Seminars

Revd Samuel Thomas - A Comparative Study of First and Second Generation Homiletic Practice in the New Testament Church of God

Revd Ed Kaneen - Whitley Lecture 2015: What is Biblical 'Ministry'?

“Correction: The printed lecture observes that British Baptists have not engaged with the work of John Collins. In terms of denominational publications this is true, but omits to mention the PhD thesis of Revd Dr Robert Atkins (Cardiff, 2004) which focuses on Collins’ research. Unfortunately, this was not corrected in the audio presentation and the lecturer apologises for this mistake”

Revd Simon Jones - Paul's bad news for the establishment? The rebel and activist apostle of the continental philosophers

Dr Joshua Searle - No Revolution without Reformation: A Hegelian reading of the 2014 Ukrainian revolution as a religious reformation

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Research Colloquium - March 2015

Professor Andrew Pierce - Nature, Grace and Place: Research and the Question of Context

Professor Andrew Pierce - Entering the Minefield: Researching Theological Modernism

Professor Andrew Pierce - Research and Methods:  Form and Content

College Conference Podcasts

Rev Ian McFarlane speaking at the College Conference:

Brother John Hemmings SSF speaking at the College Conference:

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