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Launch of New Book on Baptist History and Heritage and Presentation to Dr Raymond Brown

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

This Saturday saw the launch of a new volume on Baptist History, aimed especially at Baptist Ministers and Ministers in Training, but of interest to all Baptists. This is Challenge and Change: English Baptist life in the Eighteenth century. This multi-authored work edited by our own Acting Principal, Peter Morden and Stephen Copson builds on the earlier Baptist Historical Society volume English Baptists of the Eighteenth Century written by Dr Raymond Brown. The new volume charts the development of Baptist life during this incredibly exciting and strategic period. Worship, mission, politics, culture, family life and relationships to other Christians are all explored in this fine book. There is much here to stimulate those who are seeking to be faithful and creative as they serve Christ today.

The launch took place at a study conference on the eighteenth-century Baptist leader, Dan Taylor, sponsored by the BHS and the Centre for Baptist History and Heritage at Regent’s Park College. The volume is dedicated to Raymond Brown, in gratitude to him for his work as a Baptist historian. Dr Brown was present at the conference in person and was presented with a copy of the book. Peter Morden paid tribute to Raymond Brown, not only as a historian, but also as a pastor, preacher, and college principal. ‘Dr Brown combines great scholarly gifts with a pastor’s heart and has been an example and encouragement to many’, he declared. Professor Paul Fiddes also paid tribute on behalf of Regent’s Park College.

The book Challenge and Change is available either through the BHS website or direct from Steve Langford at 

The price is £25, plus postage and packing.