Urban Mission

BA (Hons) in Theology - Year 1
COURSE UNIT 370 - 8370


The unit begins by examining the students’ own context and developing a model for constructive engagement with the urban setting.  It considers ways in which the understanding of urban mission has changed and developed historically.  The unit explores biblical and theological themes which are pertinent to locating urban mission in a holistic understanding of missiology.  Students are encouraged to develop their own theology of urban mission which takes account of the socio-political context they face.


To enable participants to engage critically with the theology and practice of urban mission, and to participate constructively in that task.


Category of outcome

By the end of this unit students should be able to:

Knowledge and understanding

·      Demonstrate a critical understanding of the significance of historical and recent developments in urban mission

Intellectual skills

·      Assess critically theological themes related to urban mission

Practical and Transferable skills; Personal qualities

·      Develop models and practices of urban mission in their own context


Assessment task


Weighting within unit



500 words

2000 words




·         370:

·         8370:

A short essay

An essay



3000 words

2000 words





·         370:

·         8370:

An essay

An essay

and a learning journal*


* Distance learning students are required to pass this element. So long as this element has been passed, they will be eligible for compensation if the overall unit mark is within the compensation zone (30-39%), and the compensatable credit allowance as set out in the Degree Regulations has not been exceeded.




Available on which programme(s)?

BA in Theology


Sessions will normally include:

·         City and Urbanisation

·         Theological and Biblical Themes

·         City of God City of Man

·         Historical Overview

·         Integral Mission

·         Politics and Public Realm

·         Postmodernism and Pluralism

·         Principalities and Powers

·         Globalisation

·         Race and Multiculturalism

·         Urban Theory

Teaching method

Lectures and interactive class discussions

Additional eLearning content

Unit materials are available at Spurgeon’s Online to support student learning


Written feedback to students within 15 working days from submission

Date of approval (for office use)


Information updated on

December 2015


Indicative reading

Amin, Ash, and Nigel Thrift, Cities. Reimagining the Urban (Cambridge: Polity, 2002)

Bakke, Ray, The Urban Christian (Bromley: MARC Europe, 1987)

Claerbaut, David, Urban Ministry in a New Millennium, Updated Edition (Waynesboro: Authentic Media, 2005)

Conn, Harvie, and others, The Urban Face of Mission. Ministering the Gospel in a Diverse and Changing World (ed. by Manuel Ortiz and Susan S. Baker; Philipsburg: P & R Publishing, 2002)

Davey, Andrew, Urban Christianity and Global Order. Theological Resources for an Urban Future (London: SPCK, 2001)

Graham, Elaine, and Stephen Lowe, What Makes a Good City? Public Theology and the Urban Church (London: Darton Longman and Todd, 2009)

Green, Laurie, Urban Ministry and the Kingdom of God (London: SPCK, 2003)

Massey, Doreen, World City (Cambridge: Polity, 2007)

Shannahan, Chris, Voices from the Borderland. Re-imagining Cross-Cultural Urban Theology in the Twenty-first Century (London: Equinox, 2010)

Smith, David W., Seeking a City with Foundations. Theology for an Urban World (Nottingham: IVP, 2011)

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Urban Mission

BA (Hons) in Theology - Year 1
Course Unit 370 - 8370





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