Theology and Science

BA (Hons) in Theology - Year 1
COURSE UNIT 335 - 8335


The unit introduces students to the main issues within the current science and theology discourse which raise theological and ethical concerns.  These include the discussions about environmental matters including ‘climate change’; the ‘creation-evolution’ debate and the ‘Intelligent Design’ movement; reproductive technologies and the use of the human embryo; and the presence of natural evil in creation.  These subjects and others are explored theologically in order to identify the key Christian principles for engagement and the ways in which this knowledge can be incorporated in the ministerial context of pastoral care and the apologetics within mission.


To provide an introduction to the technologies and scientific issues that particularly impact upon Christian faith and contemporary society, and the Biblical and theological principles of relevance to these issues.


Category of outcome

By the end of this unit students should be able to:

Knowledge and understanding

?      Understand the present context and historical roots of the relationships between science, society and Christianity

?      Demonstrate knowledge of the key issues of current debate between science and Christian theology

Intellectual skills

·         Evaluate critically the theological approaches to these issues

·         Construct informed responses to pastoral situations likely to arise from recent developments in science and technology

Practical and Transferable skills; Personal qualities

·         Integrate knowledge of these issues with Christian apologetics and contemporary ministry and mission

·         Present a short paper in class


Assessment task


Weighting within unit



15 minutes

2000 words




·         335:

·         8335:

A presentation in class

An essay



3000 words

2000 words





·         335:

·         8355:

An essay

An essay

and a learning journal*


* Distance learning students are required to pass this element. So long as this element has been passed, they will be eligible for compensation if the overall unit mark is within the compensation zone (30-39%), and the compensatable credit allowance as set out in the Degree Regulations has not been exceeded.




Available on which programme(s)?

BA in Theology


1. Christianity, science and society

2. Reproductive technologies: Life choices

3. Care for the environment: A distinctive Christian voice

4. Creation and evolution: The great debate

5. Human genetics and the issue of race

6. Computer technology and community

7. Natural evil: From the tsunami, to AIDS and cancer

8. Western science and the developing World: A matter of justice

9. The treatment of animals in research and farming

10. Who am I? Neuroscience and the human person

11. Subject determined by student choice

Teaching method

Interactive lectures

Additional eLearning content

Unit materials are available at Spurgeon’s Online to support student learning


Written feedback within 15 working days from submission

Date of approval (for office use)


Information updated on

December 2015

Indicative reading

Berry, R.J. (ed.), The care of creation. Focusing concern and action (Leicester: IVP, 2000)

Deane-Drummond, C., Genetics and Christian ethics (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2006)

Jeeves, M. A., and R.J. Berry, Science, Life and Christian Belief. A survey and assessment (Leicester: Apollos, 1998)

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Jones, D.G., Designers of the future. Who should make the decisions? (Crowborough: Monarch Publications, 2005)

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Southgate, C. (ed.), God, humanity and the cosmos. A companion to the science-religion

debate (London: T&T Clark, 2005)

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Theology and Science

BA (Hons) in Theology - Year 1
Course Unit 335 - 8335





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