New Testament Greek Texts

BA (Hons) in Theology - Year 1


Throughout the unit the Greek text is used and relevant passages are translated and analysed.  However, the emphasis of the unit is on matters of historical and theological interest and difficulty; normally Acts is studied but Luke or 1 Corinthians are also possible. Introductory questions such as sources, genre, readers and theme(s) are discussed.  Comparison is made with related texts inside and outside the canon of the NT.  The unit deals with the original purpose(s) of the book and its relevance for today.  Class tests may be used in preparation for the exam.


To study a substantial New Testament book in Greek with attention to exegesis, history and theology.


Category of outcome

By the end of this unit students should be able to:

Knowledge and understanding

·         Demonstrate an adequate knowledge of the content of the chosen book

Intellectual skills

·         Critically discuss the aim, historicity and theology of the chosen book

·         Read the New Testament in Greek with help of scholarly resources

Practical and Transferable skills; Personal qualities

·         Interpret the text of the New Testament independently but with help of a dictionary

·         Critically reflect on the meaning and application of the book for today’s church


Assessment task


Weighting within unit


·         Translation of passages in class





·         An unseen examination


Two hours






Available on which programme(s)?

BA in Theology


1.    Introduction

2.    Acts, Luke’s Gospel, the OT, Apocryphal Acts

3.    Session on the Greek text

4.    The end of Acts

5.    Church, Jews and Israel

6.    The Church and the Roman empire

7.    Is this the real Paul?

8.    The Holy Spirit, tongues and prophecy

9.    The community of goods, normativity and the application of Acts

10.  Session on the Greek text

11.  Salvation and the work of Christ

Teaching method

Interactive lectures

Additional eLearning content

Unit materials are available at Spurgeon’s Online to support student learning


Written feedback within 15 working days from submission

Date of approval (for office use)


Information updated on

December 2015

Indicative reading

Commentaries on Acts by Barrett, Bock, Bruce, Dunn, Gaventa, Johnson, Keener and Witherington


Culy, Martin M., and Mikael C. Parsons, Acts. A handbook on the Greek text (Waco; Baylor University Press, 2003)

Gasque, Ward W., A history of the interpretation of the Acts of the Apostles (Peabody: Hendrickson, 1989)

Hemer, Colin J., The book of Acts in the setting of Hellenistic history; ed. Conrad H. Gempf (Tübingen: Mohr, 1989)

Jervell, Jacob, The theology of the Acts of the Apostles (New Testament theology; Cambridge: CUP, 1996)

Marshall, I. Howard, and David Peterson (eds.), Witness to the Gospel: the theology of Acts (Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 1998)

Talbert, Charles H., Reading Acts: a literary and theological commentary on the Acts of the Apostles (Reading the New Testament; New York: Crossroad, 1997)

Tannehill, Robert C., The narrative unity of Luke-Acts: a literary interpretation. Vol.2: The Acts of the Apostles (Minneapolis: Fortress, 1990)

Winter, Bruce W. (ed.), The Book of Acts in its first century setting (5 Vols., Carlisle: Paternoster /Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 1993-1996)

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New Testament Greek Texts

BA (Hons) in Theology - Year 1
Course Unit 320





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