Basic Greek B

BA (Hons) in Theology - Year 1


This unit offers the second half of the basic grammar and syntax as contained in textbook; it also pays attention to idiomatic expressions in New Testament Greek.  Reading from the original text is emphasised and the teaching of grammatical forms and structures is supported by teacher-prepared handouts.  Forms are introduced in the context of New Testament examples.


The average student needs to set aside at least two hours per week for private study, including the revision of work, translation exercises, and the learning of vocabulary.


To introduce the grammar and syntax of New Testament Greek, to begin to help students to read selected passages from the New Testament with appropriate study aids, and serve as a foundation for developing the use of the language in exegesis. 


Category of outcome

By the end of this unit students should be able to:

Knowledge and understanding

·      Recognise some basic forms of grammar and syntax

Intellectual skills

·      Understand some selected issues of textual criticism and exegesis

Practical and Transferable skills; Personal qualities

·      Read further straightforward passages from the Gospels and the Epistles with the aid of a dictionary

·      Relate translation and analysis of the Greek text to the use of the Bible in practice


Not applicable




1 hour per week during both semesters

Available on which programme(s)?

BA in Theology


See 120 semester 2

Teaching method

Small seminar group

Additional eLearning content

Unit materials are available at Spurgeon’s Online to support student learning


Written feedback within 15 working days from submission

Date of approval (for office use)


Information updated on

December 2015


Indicative reading

Indicative reading






Plus one of the following

Aland, Kurt, et al (ed.), The Greek New Testament (Stuttgart: UBS, 4th edition 1993)

Macnair, Ian, Teach yourself New Testament Greek (Nashville etc.: Nelson, 1993)

Newman Jr, Barclay M., Concise Greek-English Dictionary of the New Testament (Stuttgart: UBS, 1971)

Grosvenor, M., A grammatical analysis of the Greek New Testament (Rome: Editrice Pontifico Istituto Biblico, 5th edition1996)

Perschbacher, W., The New Analytical Greek Lexicon (Peabody: Hendrickson, 1990)

Rogers, C.L. Jr. and C.L. III, The New Linguistic and Exegetical Key to the Greek New Testament (Grand Rapids; Zondervan, 1998)

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Basic Greek B

BA (Hons) in Theology - Year 1
Course Unit 122B


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Dr Pieter Lalleman

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