Vision and Mission

Our Mission

To provide Christ-centred, biblically-rooted training in discipleship for the practice of mission and ministry.


Our Vision

The College's vision draws its substance from three sources:


  • A confessional foundation - established by C.H. Spurgeon in 1856 it has always engaged in biblical and theological teaching on the basis of an evangelical and Christ-centred commitment.
  • A formational objective - understood as the specialised discipleship of preparing men and women in community for the Christian life, its mission and ministry.
  • A geographical location – being based in the capital city reinforces the scope of the College's work with a London presence, a national ministry and a global reach.


In our calling to serve God's Kingdom, as a confessional college in the Baptist tradition in Higher Education and through the specialised discipleship we offer in training for the Christian life, its mission and ministry, the College Vision for the next 10 years is:


  • To build on our vibrant and diverse learning community by expanding participation in all of the College's programmes from pre-access level to doctoral research;

  • To widen our scope in equipping all God’s people by providing varied and flexible learning experiences in Christian discipleship, in both content and delivery, which also support local churches in their own training programmes;

  • To increase provision for the growing church, especially in relation to minority ethnic and pentecostal movement in London and the UK; and

  • To develop the College's position in the global city of London, as a centre of excellence undertaking and facilitating research.


    Our Values

    As we pursue our vision there are biblical values that shape how we act and the manner in which we wish this vision to be pursued.  We aspire, as a College and as those involved in the life of the College, to be a Christ-centred community of discipleship.  In particular:


We seek to exemplify a balanced, holistic and sustainable approach to life and work.

Believing in the inherent worth of each person, we strive to be a supportive community.

We celebrate the richness of being a diverse and inclusive community.

We make every effort to set research-led, experience-based teaching as the foundation of our academic life.

We endeavour to ensure that ethical responsibility informs the way we are, especially in the areas of social and environmental justice.

We strive for integrity, trustworthiness and excellence in all we do.